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Inspired by the European cheese Gorgonzola Dolce, a mild, rich and buttery soft blue cheese.

Cow’s Milk


Traditional Rennet (Non Vegetarian)

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Beauvale takes its name from the Vale of Belvoir which surrounds the Cropwell Bishop Dairy. Cropwell Bishop is a family company that has been making Stilton for generations. 
As a maker of the most traditional of British cheeses, the family’s decision to experiment with a new style of cheese was quite a departure. Robin Skailes tinkered with and perfected the recipe for two years before he was finally happy to release Beauvale. The aim was to make a blue cheese which was softer and milder than the classic English Stilton. 
Beauvale is hand-ladled into wider, more shallow moulds than are used for Stilton; and the cultures that are used to develop the blue are much milder strains than those used in Stilton. Instead of rubbing up the outside to create the characteristic rind of a Stilton, the cheese-makers leave the cheeses to develop naturally a thin crust. 
The resulting cheese is sweet and creamy, with a buttery texture and a slight, salty tang to the finish.