Signature Cheeseboard Selection 8-10 People


Signature Cheeseboard Selection 8-10 People


A hand selected range of British artisan cheeses which give 8-10 people a perfect cheese fix. Or you can just be selfish and have it all for yourself... they are very moreish! 

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Sample Selection

Westcombe Cheddar
Deep, complex flavours with citrus, hazelnut and caramel notes. A firm texture with a smooth taste. 

Young Buck
An outstanding, new, raw milk, blue cheese from Northern Ireland. An interesting take on a Stilton recipe.

Cerney Pyramid
A fresh ash coated pyramid with a soft and creamy white curd. Produced in lovely Gloucestershire. 

Helford White
A soft white cheese with a tangy flavour. Rind washed to create a apricot/pink edible rind with a sophisticated flavour.

Approximately 800g