Big Cheeseboard Selection 12-14 People


Big Cheeseboard Selection 12-14 People


This really is a 'wow' factor, with really interesting shapes, tastes and sizes, it is guaranteed to impress. This will be perfect as an amazing present or it will knock the socks off 12-14 people.

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Sample Selection

Wookey Hole Cave Aged Cheddar
A West Country farmhouse cheddar which has a nutty and tangy flavour. It has a PDO status (Protected Designation of Origin) which means it can only be produced in the West Country.

A sweet and nutty cheese, it has a golden colour and evenly spread holes. Similar style to an Emmental. 

A British take on a Gorgonzola, a subtle, yet moreish creamy blue cheese. 

Lord London
A unique bell shaped cows milk cheese, clean citrus tasting with natural creaminess. 

A mellow, buttery-rich, washed rind cheese. Based on the classic French cheese 'Reblochon'. 

Approximately 1.2kg